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Upgrade Your Ad to Upgrade Your Bank Account

by recycler on April 29, 2013

Upgrade Your Ad to Upgrade Your Bank Account

Add some green to your piggy. (Photo: kenteegardin/Foter.com)

Selling something? Take a look at the upgrade packages recycler.com offers to get additional exposure and make more money quicker.

Roman philosopher Titus Maccius Plautus is credited with the translated quote, “you must spend money to make money.”

Even though Plautus is believed to have lived from 254-184 BC, one of his most famous quotes still lives true to this day. Ask any person that has started a business. You have to invest money in your trade in order for it to create returns in the long run.

The same can hold true for your classifieds listings. Whether you are selling your used car or a handcrafted maple rocking chair that you made from scratch, trying out the upgrades on recycler.com can lead to more exposure for the items you have listed and potentially lead to a smaller inventory as you sell more and more items in a quicker fashion.

Don’t be afraid to spend a couple of dollars if you really want to sell your item and get some cash. You can buy one of the deluxe packages that is offered in your area. You can also just add a couple extra photos or some more characters to describe your item better.

The most important upgrade is adding photos…a picture is worth 1000 words. While the free picture is great, a couple more will allow potential buyers know more about the item and will also give an air of credibility because people will then know you actually have the item and haven’t just copy and pasted an image from the internet.

You can try to cram the entire object into one photo, or you can focus on individual portions with multiple photos to give the buyer a better recognition of what exactly you are selling.

By purchasing upgrades, you are making the most important upgrade — upgrading your chances of the item selling and therefore, upgrading the padding in your wallet.



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