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Still Need That Old ______? Sell It!!

by recycler on January 17, 2012

Still Need That Old       ? Sell It!!

Turn your clutter into cash.

Every year, we accumulate more and more stuff. Things get put away in the closet or attic or garage and we forget about them.

It isn’t until we have a giant spring cleaning or have to pack everything up to move that we realize just how much stuff we have….and just how much of it we don’t actually use any more. The bad thing is half the stuff we’ve forgotten about is still useful to someone out there.

Why not try to dwindle away some of the massive clutter that is filling your corners, cabinets, and under your bed? Create some space in your house or apartment for a whole new batch of stuff you can build up throughout the year.

Clean out those areas where you inevitably end up stowing all the stuff that is neat or cool or interesting but you never end up using or displaying. Take those items that other people would find cool or could really use that is just collecting dust in your place. Instead of letting those items bring you nothing but dust bunnies, why not let them accumulate something else for you?

What else can they bring to you?

Still Need That Old       ? Sell It!!

Get rid of the stuff filling up your garage.

Money, of course!

Instead of wasting the valuable space in your home or apartment that most of us probably have a better usage for (wouldn’t a treadmill fit nicely?), why don’t you take the items you never use and list them on recycler.com.

We are your community marketplace. We’re here to help facilitate you getting rid of all those things you’re never going to use.

And don’t wait until March or April to do this “Spring Cleaning.” Get a jump start on everyone else and start listing your items today. Then by the time March or April come around, you can be worrying about perfecting your beach body (told you that treadmill would come in handy) rather than trying to get rid of some of the clutter in your household.



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