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Selling For Summer: Top 12 Items to Sell

by recycler on June 12, 2013

Selling For Summer: Top 12 Items to Sell

Summer fun.

Selling items in the summer can present a unique challenge. What are people going to buy when the sun is shining down the brightest? A lot of items are bought near holidays, whether it be Christmas, Mother’s & Father’s Day or Valentine’s Day.

With Father’s Day being on the cusp of summer every year, the only true consumer summer holiday in the United States is Independence Day. However, the Fourth of July is more about things that explode rather than buying presents.

Even though you may not have reliable commercial holidays to fall back on, don’t worry. There are still plenty of hot items that you can sell during the warmest months of the year. Here are 12 (in no particular order):

1. Beachwear – Everyone’s favorite summer activity is going to the beach. Whether people are there to swim, to play in the sand or just to enjoy the scenery, the beach is the place to be, making beachwear an obvious choice for items to sell. There are plenty of items that get repurchased every year when people don’t feel like pulling out the summer bags from storage or the attic. All ladies need a new bikini each summer, flip-flops are easily misplaced, beach towels and chairs get put away deep in the attic. Find some hip styles and beachwear is sure to be a top seller.

2. Cameras – Families often plan for a summer vacation trip every year. Vacation is just a very summer thing to do and when people go on vacation, they want to be able to record the memories. Low-end digital camera sales have taken a dip in recent years thanks to the improvement of cell phone cameras, but Canon and Nikon SLRs have become the new amateur camera to have as the prices have lowered.

Selling For Summer: Top 12 Items to Sell

Shades are necessary in the summer.

3. Sunglasses – Whether at the beach or when cruising around the town, people have to have sunglasses in the summer. It is not only a fashion statement, but also necessary for health and safety. Some people prefer slender lenses while others prefer to cover half their face, so make sure you have a wide variety.

4. MP3 Players – Students are out of school. As much as we may wish they spent their summer reading good books, they are more likely to spend it with a pair of headphones attached to their ears (kind of like me at work). iPods and other MP3 players are also great for long road trips for that family vacation or if someone is taking a flight and they get stuck next to the jolly snorer.

Selling For Summer: Top 12 Items to Sell
5. ConvertiblesConvertibles sell 72% better during the summer. Ok…so I made that number up, but it sounds accurate. Who wants to drive a convertible in the winter? So why would they buy one then? It’s obvious that summer is the best time to sell your convertible. It just might be difficult to not want to drive around in it yourself.

6. Hats – The hat is another item that fills both the fashion/safety categories. The skin on our face is more susceptible to skin cancer, so it’s important to make sure to shade it when possible. Whether it’s a large straw hat for a woman at the beach or a short-brimmed fedora for a stylish man, hats are a hot item during the summer.

7. Coolers – When the family takes a trip to the beach, mom and dad know that a cooler is essential. You don’t want dehydrated kids needing something to drink and having to pay $5 for a bottle of water from a beachside or pier vendor. Coolers are great for beach days, picnics, backyard barbecues, road trips, vacations and even trips to theme parks. They can be packed away with lunch for the entire family, saving from expensive food and drinks.

8. Televisions – If you are going to be selling a TV, you should definitely try to unload it during the summer. The newest models typically come out in August or September, so sell your old model to a prospective buyer before they see some new feature that they can’t live without. Also, college students move into dorm rooms in August and TVs, refrigerators and beds are the toughest items to transport for an out-of-town student. Many prefer to just buy those items after arriving.

9. Workout/Sporting Equipment – Everyone wants to have that perfect beach bod when they take that end-of-the-summer vacation. Therefore, people ramp up their workouts. Take advantage and be the one to provide them with the equipment that is going to make them look fabulous.

Selling For Summer: Top 12 Items to Sell

The grill: A summer mainstay.

10. Grilling Items – One of the best parts of the summer is being able to break out the grill and have a bunch of friends over for a backyard barbecue or pool party. The kids love being able to play. The adults love the opportunity to relax and have a beverage. And granted you have a decent cook, everyone loves the food! There is a whole market of grills and grilling accessories from the necessary (tongs) to the non-traditional (grill top wok) to the just plain strange.

11. Summer Clothing – With the sun blaring down, there is a need for good-looking clothes that are light, both in fabric and color. Dark colors absorb light and therefore absorb heat, which obviously becomes uncomfortable quickly. Bright colored or floral-patterned sundresses are great during the summer. Wearers avoid layered clothing during the summer, so sellers should as well. Other traditional summer garb, including jean shorts, swimwear and sandals also sell well in the hottest months of the year.

12. Pool & Pool Supplies – Everywhere except Southern California, pools are a seasonal item. They get covered during the winter unless you throw in some fish and try your hand at ice fishing. That means summer is the month for buying and selling pools. You don’t own a backhoe and don’t know how to install a pool? Don’t forget that not everyone has an in-ground pool. There are plenty of families out there that want to enjoy the cooling sensation of slipping into the water on a hot, sticky day, but can’t afford an in-ground pool. Yard pools are a great, cheap substitute.



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