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Selling With recycler.com’s New Gallery Grid View

by recycler on September 27, 2013

With the introduction of our new Gallery Grid View, the landscape of selling your wares with recycler.com classifieds listings slightly alters. Call it the butterfly effect, if you want.

For users that choose to use the Gallery Grid View rather than toggling to the List View (which is very simple, by the way), there will be up to 20 photos to scroll through on a single search results page. But there will only be a title with the photo to direct these potential buyers to your product or service.

Without the short description to help elucidate what the item is, there is greater emphasis on your photo and title.

In order to make sure you garner the attention your items deserve, here are a couple of reminders:


  • Short and succinct – With the Gallery Grid View, the title is going to wrap onto two or three lines in each of the small grid boxes. The more succinct you can make the title, the easier it is for the potential buyer to read it.
  • DON’T USE ALL CAPS – Many people will skip right over things that are written online in ALL CAPS. Use some traditional uppercase and lowercase and even punctuation, if it’s needed.  It could determine whether someone clicks through to look at your classified ads or skips on to the next one.


  • The One! – The thumbnail picture that is with your classifieds listing is the same size on the page whether you use Gallery Grid View or List View. However, there is less white space around each image in Gallery Grid View, so in order to make your ad stand out, you’re going to need a nice crisp photo.
  • Keep it close enough – Don’t be miles or even yards away from the item you are trying to glamorize to the best of your ability with your main photo. If the object isn’t clear, in focus or too far away from the camera, the recycler.com users are just going to skip to the next ad. Their eyeballs are going to be drawn to better pictures that are sitting right beside your image.
  • Use the right angle – This tip is particularly directed at sellers listing used cars. You want to assure your classified ads get overlooked? Take a low angle shot of almost the entire front bumper:

    Selling With recycler.coms New Gallery Grid View

    Does any car stand out from that angle? They all look pretty much the same and it’s 8 different model from 7 manufacturers.



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