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Practice Safe Classifying: Avoid Third Party Payment Plans

by recycler on January 18, 2011

When buying from classified ads, it is extremely important to practice safe classifying techniques and to always use your head — thinking before leaping. Here at recycler.com, we love offering thousands of classified ads in an easy-to-use, interactive website and we couldn’t be more proud of the classified community we’ve got going, but we take safety very seriously and want to make sure you are equipped to protect yourself!

As a buyer — someone who is contacting an advertiser with intent to purchase — you want to protect yourself and your money. Most people advertising online today are decent human beings, taking advantage of convenient internet advertising to make a few extra dollars selling secondhand items or vehicles. However, there will always be that small handful looking to take advantage of the people using classifieds instead. One of the ways they will try to do this is claiming to sell an item (usually a large item like a car) through a Third Party seller, like eBay or recycler itself. This is dangerous and not recommended. Dealing directly with a seller, which entails speaking with him/her on the phone and exchanging money in person (in a safe, public location), is the safest and easiest way to protect yourself.

PLEASE NOTE: recycler.com does not provide any sort of Purchase Protection Program for any item listed on our site.  All transactions must be handled between the seller and the buyer directly – recycler.com does not “validate” listings, offer escrow services, or receive payment for advertisers. If a seller is claiming to sell his/her vehicle or item through any such program, please forward the email correspondence to us (service@recycler.com) along with any other information that will aid our investigation. We also recommend you stop all communication with the seller.

For more information, tips and suggestions about protecting yourself, please read our Safety & Fraud Prevention Center.

Stay Safe recyclers!



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