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Newest recycler.com Feature: Share and Share Alike

by recycler on July 13, 2010

“Share” and “Like” Ads to Corner the Classified Market:

We just made it easier for you to sell your items!

If you have been browsing the new website since its relaunch last November-ish, then you know that we’ve made numerous improvements and modifications to the site, and to online classifieds in general, all designed to take the struggle out of selling goods. And if you’ve browsed our ads recently or have taken a look at your own ads, you may have noticed two new buttons just below the details allowing you to “share” or “like” the ad. Wondering what they do?

Share It:

If you haven’t noticed this feature, take the time to check it out. You can look at your own ads or just browse any of our listings to see how it works. When you are on the Ad Details page (it should be the only ad on the page), you will see this graphic just below the ad’s description. If you scroll your mouse over the graphic, a box will appear containing all of today’s jet setting social networks. Clicking any of these (facebook, twitter, google buzz, etc) will share the ad on that network with all your friends! No more copying and pasting links at each social site; no more hassle!

Like It:

Just below the share feature is the facebook “like” tool that allows you to quickly and easily show your facebook friends that you like what you see! And they will see it too because “liking” the ad will push it in to some of your friends’ News Feeds.

How to take advantage:

Find something on recycler.com that you know lots and lots of people in your social network might like? You can very quickly “share” the ad for all to see and check out for themselves. And this will also help others sell their stuff! Share and like your friends’ ads, your parents’ ads, your children’s ads, and even strangers’ ads!

But it doesn’t all have to be about altruistic sharing…

There is absolutely no reason to not “like” and “share” every single one of your own ads! This is basic classified ad strategy 101: maximize coverage! After you place an ad and it is approved for posting, find it under your account (manage ads),  and then share and like your heart out! Talk about a one-stop classified experience!

Share/Like Blogs Too:

You can share more than just ads! If you haven’t noticed by now, the same aforementioned share and like graphics are right there at the bottom of this post…and it works the exact same way. If you read something you or your friends like, “share” and “like” the blog post to get the word out! It’s quick and easy and can save lives. Okay…at least it’s quick and easy.



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