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The Importance of Using the Right Keywords

by recycler on September 14, 2012

The Importance of Using the Right Keywords

Google is your friend.

Want to make some money? We know you do. That’s what all sellers using recycler.com really want.

The best way to be able to make money is for your ads to stand out and one way for an ad to stand out, is for it to rank high on Google’s search results.

Recycler.com ads routinely show up on the front page of Google, but in order for those recycler listings to make their way into prime positioning sellers have to do some work.

When we wrote how to get the most out of your listing last year, we included the following two tips for your titles:

Write eye-catching titles – Regardless of what you are selling, you are going to get zero offers if no one ever sees the item. You have to catch people’s attention. Don’t write a lame title. Look for similar items already listed and notice which of those catches your attention.

Write optimized titles – The most important part of your ad is your title because it is a main component for determining keyword search results. Make sure that the keywords are there. If you write a bad title and leave out keywords, don’t expect anyone to see your item.

We mentioned the keywords, but didn’t necessarily stress how important they are. Using  the right keywords to help Google find your recycler.com listing is essential if you want a fast turnover on your ads.

Everyone’s made a trip to the grocery store and been unable to find exactly what they were looking for despite searching everywhere. Obviously, it’s hard to purchase something that you can’t find.

We make it easy for you to display the top keywords that will potentially help get your ad ranked with our “Highlights” feature. “Highlights” allow you to put the top 8 things that will describe your product, and that’s how you want to treat keywords.

In the title, description and keywords, it is important to get the most important words and phrases. But it’s not the most important words and phrases that you think describe the product/item, it’s the words or phrases that people are going to be searching for on Google.

Sometimes that means simplifying your keywords. Other times that means getting more descriptive. But the big key is making sure that the keywords are what is being searched for. That’s how Google’s search rankings work, so that’s the way you need to cater your keywords.

Here’s a 2009 Honda Accord example that shows how you can boost your title and some potential keywords/highlights that you might include:

TITLE: Pretty Blue Accord That Hasn’t Been Driven Much. Low Price!
BETTER TITLE: Cheap 2009 Honda Accord w/ Low Miles

HIGHLIGHTS: “2009 Honda Accord,” “Low Miles,” “One Owner Car,” “Manual”

Again, the goal here is to have keywords in both your your title and highlights people will be searching for on search engines. No one is searching for “Accord that hasn’t been driven much.” It is much more likely that someone will search for “low miles 2009 Accord,” “Accord low miles” or some other mash of those words.

Hopefully, this will get you going and ranking higher on Google searches, so that you can get more exposure and in turn make more sales.



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