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New, Improved Search

by recycler on September 11, 2012

In our constant efforts to enhance your classifieds web browsing experience, we are excited to announce our latest upgrade to recycler.com.

Last week, we launched an upgrade in our search engine technology that has dramatically increased the overall speed of onsite search capabilities. Although it may not be a visible change, we think this is an important upgrade that will make using recycler.com even better.

This overhaul was needed thanks to the growth of our total number of ads. We simply outgrew the capabilities of our previous search engine technology. We needed core technology that was able to index a greater number of ads while giving you, our user, a faster search experience.

Our engineers and product team worked very hard on this project and because of their efforts, we were able to launch this new search technology on recycler.com last week without experiencing any downtime.

There are a still few tweaks that we are making to assure that you are getting the most relevant results possible. However, one of our key objectives was speeding up search responses and, we’re proud to say, we’ve had over a 70 percent improvement on the average search response time.

Factors such as connection, ISP, etc. are still major determinants in how long it takes each individual user to receive results, but on the whole, the system is much faster. We hope you enjoy the speedier results and take advantage of the system.



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