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Getting the Most Out of Your Listing

by recycler on August 11, 2011

11 tips to get the most out of your listing using pictures, topical keywords, promoting with social media, etc.

Getting the Most Out of Your Listing

Make your ad irresistible to potential buyers.

Here at recycler.com, we want you to sell your item as quickly as possible.

But so many times, we see simple mistakes that can harm your chances of selling your item from the simplest (placing your ad in the wrong category) to some you may not have thought about (using titles that don’t enhance your item).

To help you out, we’ve come up with 11 simple tips that will help you get the most out of your listing and hopefully sell your item quickly.

Write eye-catching titles - Regardless of what you are selling, you are going to get zero offers if no one ever sees the item. You have to catch people’s attention. Don’t write a lame title. Look for similar items already listed and notice which of those catches your attention.

Write optimized titles – The most important part of your ad is your title because it is a main component for determining keyword search results. Make sure that the keywords are there. If you write a bad title and leave out keywords, don’t expect anyone to see your item.

Don’t write in ALL CAPS – The only time to use the CAPS LOCK key is if there is a very short phrase or just one word that you really want to stick out. Peoples eyes are naturally attracted to what is different, so it’s great to point out one particular thing. But there is nothing more annoying than seeing an entire title/description in ALL CAPS! Don’t do it! If you are like my father and can’t type well, have someone else do it for you or do it all in lower case letters and then take the time to go back and capitalize the necessary words later.

Improve picture(s) – When a potential customer is looking through the many listings, they see two things: title and feature photo. Make sure you have a digital photo and that your Main Photo is sharp and clear. Photos lend credibility to the item and since the free listings even allow you to add a photo, there’s no reason not to take advantage. Try to get the entire object into the photo, but if the item is special because of a specific piece or part of the item, don’t be afraid to add an extra photo or two of those particular pieces. In most recycler.com markets that may cost extra, but having the item sell will make it worth the cost.

Honesty…point out any mistakes or blemishes – With our deluxe packages, you get 10 photos and can add up to 10 more. With 10 photos, you have the opportunity to point out any mistakes or blemishes the item may have. The buyer is expecting the item to look like it does in your picture(s). This not only will give you credibility, but also let’s the buyer know all the information up front, so there isn’t any hesitation to buy later. If you don’t purchase a deluxe package, you should still point out any defects or blemishes the item has accrued over the years in the item description.

Fill out your account’s contact information – When you first sign up for recycler.com, you have the option to skip past filling out a number of contact information details, which is perfectly fine if you are on recycler looking to buy or just sell one item. However, if you are really wanting to sell your stuff, you’re going to want to go back and fill in those details, especially if you have a website. Filling in your contact information provides more ways for potential buyers to reach you in the upper right portion of your listing.

List more items – When potential buyers pull up a listing, they are more likely to think an ad or seller is questionable if there is limited contact information and/or if the ad shows that you have only one item listed in the top right. Plus, we know you probably have a couple other things around the house that you would mind turning into a couple extra bucks.

Getting the Most Out of Your Listing

Small tweaks can make the difference between listed and sold.

Choose the right category – I’m baffled every time I’m scanning through the categories searching for the most interesting items to post on our Twitter account to find a random item way out of place. A 2011 BMW is not going to have much of an audience in the Classic Cars category and a bird cage isn’t going to do very well in the Music category (both of which I have seen in the last month).

Buy an upgrade or two – Don’t be afraid to spend a couple of dollars if you really want to sell your item and get some cash. You can buy one of the deluxe packages or just add a couple extra photos or some more characters to describe your item better.

Promote – Your ad has been approved and your item is listed on recycler.com. Now what? Promote…promote…promote. Use the simple Twitter and Facebook buttons at the top of your listing to get the item in front of the eyes of all of your friends and followers. You can click the Print shortcut beside the Twitter and Facebook buttons and spit out some copies from your printer to post up on bulletin boards at work, church, school, etc. The more eye balls to see your ad, the better chance someone is going to buy your item.

List on other sites – Once you’ve created an ad on recycler, you now have a template to list your item on other sites. You can easily copy and paste your recycler description on other classified sites. Once again, people can’t buy what they don’t know about, so get as many eye balls on the item as possible.



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