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Take Advantage of Cyber Week

by recycler on November 30, 2011

Take Advantage of Cyber Week

Save some money during Cyber Week. (Creative Commons/Ian Aberle)

Did you miss out on the Black Friday rush? What about Cyber Monday?

You may have missed out because you wanted to avoid the ridiculous lines and frightful, fightful early morning shopping on Friday or because you had to work on Monday, but you still have an opportunity to take advantage of some shopping deals and/or sell your items to anxious buyers looking to find some quality items.

Rather than just Cyber Monday, many companies have began to make the entire week after Thanksgiving Cyber Week. That means there will be people scouring the internet searching for deals.

You can take advantage of this on recycler.com by offering some quality items or even a Cyber Week special for that item you haven’t been able to sell for the last month or two.

And if you looking for a specific item, this week is the perfect week to try to negotiate with a recycler seller. Everyone is trying to get a couple of extra dollars to be able to have money for holiday gifts, so sellers will be more susceptible to letting something go at a discounted price.



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