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5 Reasons to Use New Recycler.com Mobile Site

by recycler on March 27, 2014

5 Reasons to Use New Recycler.com Mobile Site

Last week, we took the new look, revamped recycler.com mobile site from partial Beta testing to full usage.

If you haven’t had a chance to use it, you are missing out on enjoying the total recycler.com experience. Whether you are in the market for used cars or are looking into pets adoption, recycler.com now provides the ultimate mobile experience.

Though there are many, many reasons to use the new recycler.com mobile site, here are the top five reasons why you’re going to want to check it out:

1. Simplicity

With thousands upon thousands of classifieds on recycler.com, we realize it can be overwhelming trying to navigate through the entire inventory on recycler.com — especially when you trying to do that navigation on a three-inch wide screen and have large thumbs that don’t always click on the right link when there is a list of links bunched together.

That’s why we’ve simplified the search process to make searching quick and easy. We’ve featured the top six recycler.com categories and within each category, we’ve featured the primary subcategories. You can still navigate to any category/subcategory your heart desires by clicking the All Categories button at the bottom, but we don’t want to overload you with all of them at once, so we’ve shortened the steps to make it easy to get where you want to be.

Once you enter a category, you still have the option to narrow your searches with the “Refine” and/or “Sort By” buttons. But once you find something that interests you, just click the “I’m Interested” button.

5 Reasons to Use New Recycler.com Mobile Site

2. Swipe Navigation

Want to peruse the used car listings in your area? Go for it! Want to ogle at all of the adorable puppy faces? Do it! It’s all just a swipe away. Once you are on the recycler.com mobile site, you can swipe to navigate through categories to go from Cars to Trucks & SUVs to Classic Cars to Motorcycles and so forth.

5 Reasons to Use New Recycler.com Mobile Site

Each swipe leads you to new and exciting classified ads that could be exactly what you need even if it’s not what you thought you were looking for.

5 Reasons to Use New Recycler.com Mobile Site

Within a category, normal scrolling will help you locate the exact used Ford Fusion or Labrador puppy you are looking for, but once you click on an individual classifieds listing, you will again find swiping through the photos allows you to peruse all of the images that have been provided with the particular classified ad.

3. Personal History

On the new recycler.com mobile site, you can quickly jump back to an item you recently looked at. Once you click to see the details of a listing, you will be able to scroll down and see individualized “My Recent Activity.” Since you’ve previously viewed the ad, you’re not going to be bogged down by an overload of information here, just the classified ad title and price.

5 Reasons to Use New Recycler.com Mobile Site

That way you can quickly jump back to that sweet BMW M3 Convertible ride with the tinted windows and check to see if it is worth the extra money than the 2011 3-Series model you also looked at. Quickly bounce back and forth between a Siamese cat and a Snowshoe cat to determine just which one you are in love with more.

4. Quick Contact

Can you not get past the adorableness of that poodle that is making your heart smile every time you swipe through to a new photo? Will that mahogany table fit perfectly in your living room? And look…the seller is located just across town!

5 Reasons to Use New Recycler.com Mobile Site

Once you come across a recycler.com classified ad that you can’t pass up, you can quickly contact the seller by email or phone. Just click on the call button and your smartphone will redirect to your Call screen.

5. You Can Still Post Free Ads

Have something you want to sell? You may be de-cluttering the garage or trying to sell your car so you can buy something new. Regardless, with recycler.com there is a free listing option…AND YOU CAN DO IT RIGHT FROM YOUR MOBILE DEVICE!!

Click “Place An Ad” in the expandable Main Menu at the top. Choose your category and then fill in your item’s details. Upload pictures already on your device or take pictures directly with your mobile device to be used in your classified ads.

Just sign in with your recycler.com login information or your Facebook profile and your ad will be up almost immediately.



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