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Top Animal Super Bowl Commercials

by recycler on February 7, 2012

On Super Bowl Sunday, there are two distinct crowds watching the game. There is the group of football fans, hoping for a good game that will come down to the wire. Then there is the group that care less about the game but is only hovering in the vicinity of the TV while enjoying the Super Bowl bash so they can watch the commercials.

Somehow, the commercials aired during the Super Bowl have become their own separate attraction to the already superfluous hoopla of the biggest game of the year.

Every year there are a collection of great commercials, which at an average of $3.5 million per 30 seconds of air time — they better be really good! Several spots each year feature animals. Advertising agencies know that animals, particularly dogs, are the number one attraction to fans watching the commercials (followed by babies and then attractive women).

Yesterday, we looked at all the automotive commercials that aired. Today, we take a look at the spots that featured animals.

Looking through NFL.com’s list of commercials that were played during the game, there were 18 commercials that had at least a glimpse of an animal. Seven of those commercials only had small appearances like the rhinoceros being ridden like a bull in Kia’s “Mr. Sandman” commercial.

The 11 commercials remaining featured animals prominently and are listed below in order of rating (according to NFL.com’s Super Bowl commercial ratings).

The top four spots all featured dogs (people love commercials with dogs). There were three appearances by the Coca-Cola polar bears, a spot featuring the screaming Geico pig, and three commercials with wild animals (and no we didn’t include the giant stuffed panda from Matthew Broderick’s Ferris Bueller revival for Honda).


#2 Doritos Man’s Best Friend – “YOU DIDNT SEE NUTHIN.”:

#3 Volkswagen – A new way to get your dog into shape:

#6 Skechers Underdog – Sometimes it’s all about what equipment you have:

#7 Bud Light Rescue Dog – Giving a great name to rescue pets everywhere…though they aren’t indentured servants as portrayed here:

#13 Hyundai Veloster Turbo – This cheetah is definitely a thinker:

#20 Coca- Cola - How bad do you want that Coke?

#21 Coca-Cola – Even polar bears are superstitious while watching the big game:

#26 Coca-Cola – This New York fan had to get out his frustrations after New England took a short-lived lead:

#30 Careerbuilder.com – Perfect example of why you never let a monkey near your carry-on luggage:

#35 Geico Street Luge – This little pig used to just be happy with riding home. Now he needs more of an adrenaline rush to get excited.

#50 History Channel: Swamp People – In the swamp, you never forget who is your boss.

Which was your favorite Super Bowl commercial???



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