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Owner Leaves $7.6 Million in Cat’s Name

by recycler on August 31, 2011

Owner Leaves $7.6 Million in Cats Name

Du Bee succumbed to cancer, but the name will continue thanks to its owner.

Du Bee was a white and black stray cat that wandered onto Maxine Adler’s boat more than a decade ago.

Now, Du Bee is the cat that will be remembered forever if veterinary scientists at the University of California – Davis are able to discover a cancer drug for companion pets in the near future.

That’s because of the generosity of Adler, a 70-year-old divorcee who was killed by a hit-and-run driver in Boca Raton, Fla. two years ago. Accustomed to a lavish lifestyle, Adler treated her pets, many of them feral cats, the same way.

She spared no expense when it came to her feline friends. After the UC-Davis School of Veterinary Medicine cared for a cancer-stricken Du Bee (who died shortly thereafter) a decade ago, Adler wrote a $7.6 million bequeathment to the school into her will. With her estate settled, UC-Davis was informed of one of the largest donations the school has received.

Adler asked that the donated money be used in an attempt to attract leading cancer researchers. Any discoveries made will include Du Bee’s name.

Read more about Adler and Du Bee in the Sacramento Bee.



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