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Knowing CPR Could Save Your Pet’s Life

by recycler on March 6, 2012

Knowing CPR Could Save Your Pets Life

This rescue cat is ready for a CPR demostration.

Whether we want them to or not, our pets have a way of finding trouble for themselves. Sometimes its you waking up to a tipped over trash can and debris littering your kitchen and the most innocent look possible on your pet’s face.

But sometimes the trouble your pets get into can be more serious and potentially life threatening. Animals can swallow an object that is too large and gets lodged in their throat or you may have a pet that has trouble swimming. Or it could be a freak accident like when Chris Thompson’s dog slipped trying to jump onto the dock and got trapped underneath her pontoon boat.

Luckily for Thompson and Jade, her dog, after Thompson dove in and pulled a lifeless Jade out, Thompson was able to use training she had learned with the American Red Cross to resuscitate Jade just as she would have a human.

You don’t have to know CPR and first aid. There is no pet owner law that says it is required. But are you willing to risk not knowing how to revive your pets and be unable to help save their life in an emergency situation?

In the last decade, the American Red Cross created a specialty Pet First Aid course that is available at some of its chapters. Since there is no ‘puppy 911′ or ‘kitty 911,’ the course teaches you, among other things, how to recognize and diagnose emergency situations and how to perform CPR on your pets.

We highly recommend you attend one of the classes, but if you are unable to make it, here’s a basic video demonstration of performing CPR on your dog or cat:

For more information about performing CPR on your pet, check out these two informational sites:

Emergency CPR – How to for dogs, cats and birds.

Pets Place – CPR in Dogs



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