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Cute Pet of the Day: Ty

by recycler on February 4, 2014

Cute Pet of the Day: Ty

Charming and quick-witted, Ty is a happy border collie dog boy. He is an eager and fast learner, who excels in everything he is taught.

This beautiful border collie rescue has already superseded all the skills his Houston, Texas rescue foster home has taught him and Ty is ready for more in life!

As is his natural border collie instinct, he has a strong herding drive and a great bark. Ty would likely do very well with goats or other farm animals.

He loves to scent out his ball and do identification fun work in his surroundings. This rescued pet has shown nice potential for nose work/obedience-utility.

Ty is a very playful, sweet boy with great eye contact. He has a strong recall and is very food- and praise-motivated boy.

This border collie loves his ball and has a serious tug drive for toys and rope. He also enjoys his walks with fun tricks. Ty is all boy in a miniature frame. He is a vocal border collie using his voice when playing or watching the squirrels with his foster siblings and when he herds us all in the yard!

He also enjoys time at the various Houston dog parks with his foster parents playing ball, running and swimming. Ty is a loving-bonded boy that would do well in an interactive home with children over 6 yrs, with a fun break in a long workday with his new best friend!

He is currently located in Houston, Texas, but if you aren’t local, a lot of times you can contact a shelter and they will help with finding long-distance transportation for rescues.

Even if you don’t have space for this pretty little guy, you can help this border collie find a new family. Share this post with your Facebook and Twitter friends, especially if you know someone that would be a great fit with Ty.

For adoption information and more photos, click to see Ty’s full ad on recycler.com.




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