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Cute Pet of the Day: Garfield & Heathcliff

by recycler on November 14, 2012

Remember those two fat orange cats you and your kids grew up seeing in the Sunday comics and then watching on Saturday morning cartoons? Garfield and Heathcliff were definitely a pair of boisterous fat cats.

Well now you have your chance to rescue a pair of fat, orange domestic-short-haired brothers that are sweet, affectionate and vocal fellows. These 9-year old brothers need a new home after they were relinquished to Chicago Animal Care and Control after an eviction.

“Garfield is the more bold of the two, ready to plop on the floor and show off his belly. He can turn most things into toys and loves to shred toilet paper rolls. Heathcliff is much more reserved, preferring to develop trust over time, but when he does, his headbutt will change your life! Heathcliff’s favorite toy appears to be his brother’s tail.”

For adoption information and more photos, including one of the brothers together, click to see the full ad on recycler.com.

Cute Pet of the Day: Garfield & Heathcliff



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