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Caring for Black Cats Near Halloween

by recycler on October 24, 2013

Caring for Black Cats Near Halloween

Black cats can be as sweet as any other.

As we lead toward Halloween, thoughts of goblins, ghouls and black cats fill our thoughts, our TV screens and our imaginations.

There are scary, terrible creatures out there and then there are the superstitious spookies. Black cats fit into that second category. There are superstitions that surround black cats being bad luck or evil and around this time of year, people become that much more aware of the adorable little furballs.

But it is simply a bad reputation and sometimes that can be to a great detriment due to stupid and idiotic acts that some may commit against black cats. There have been stories of black-colored cats having been used in ritualistic animal sacrifices, cult activity and other non-sensical harm being enacted to black cats for no good reason.

Black cats aren’t bad luck. They possess no different genes than any other household cat.

People simply haven’t got over the long-held connection between witches and black cats stemming all the way back to the times of Christians and the Spanish Inquisition when many cats were burned just as heretics and witches were. Some people think that gives them a reason to cause harm to midnight-coated furries on or near Halloween. Unfortunately, this is a sad truth.

Caring for Black Cats Near HalloweenThat’s why it is important for those with black cats to be extra careful during the month of October and, more particularly, in the week leading up to Halloween. If you are the owner of a black cat that roams outside, consider keeping the cat inside during this particular time of year (and around any Friday the 13th).

It may seem silly, but there will always be those amongst us that don’t have the maturity or compassion to fully grasp that animals are living creatures as well and should be treated with respect.

Even if you have faith in your neighbors that they wouldn’t do anything idiotic this Halloween season, you never know who may be passing through your neighborhood and wouldn’t you just rather be safe rather than sorry later?

Concerns are multiplied for pet shop managers, animal shelter keepers and foster parents of rescued black cats. Naturally, these animal caretakers want to see their pets given an opportunity at a full and fulfilling life as someone’s pet. However, they must take extra precautions around this time of year to make sure that those interested in black cats are doing so with a pure heart, rather than potentially having an ulterior motive other than care and nurture.

Caring for Black Cats Near HalloweenSome of these caretakers don’t even risk taking the chance of being lied to and putting a black cat in the hands of someone with evil in his/her heart. Black cats often become non-sale/non-rescue pets during the month of October, are sent to the back of the store/shelter or are just kept away from the public until All Hallows’ Eve passes once again.

This is quite unfortunate for black cats since they need every opportunity they can to find a new home. Like brown dogs, black cats are the least likely to be adopted. They are typically the last picked from a litter. That’s why it is tough for some rescue organizations to have to put the kibash on any October adoptions of black cats. Some try to curb the potential danger to adopted black cats by allowing adoption, but not releasing the animals into the prospective owner’s care until after the calendar has turned to November.



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