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Bracket of Cuteness Cat vs Dog Showdown

by recycler on April 10, 2014

Bracket of Cuteness Cat vs Dog Showdown

It has arrived. The Bracket of Cuteness has been trimmed to the final face off! Will it be cat or dog? Can the canine upstart, No. 4 seed Thor the Husky, defeat the feline favorite, top-seeded Cilia the Siamese?

That’s up to you. Your votes will decide who is crowned champion.

Head over to Recycler.com Pets Facebook page and choose who will be named the Cutest Pet of the Year.

Here were the matchups in the Final Four (click for clearer image):

Bracket of Cuteness Cat vs Dog Showdown

And the final voting results (Thor won by ONE VOTE!!):

Bracket of Cuteness Cat vs Dog Showdown

Bracket of Cuteness – Championship Face Off

Thor the Husky, the Canine No. 4 seed, was not the top vote getter for the first time, but he had the most in the Canine Division and that’s all that really matters. Thor the Husky took down the adorable Cinnamon the American Bulldog pup with a single vote proving to be the difference. What a matchup!

In the Feline Division, No. 1 seed Cilla the Siamese continued to dominate her competition, thrashing the Cinderella No. 6 seed Anastasia the Tortoiseshell. It was a strong run for Anastasia the Tortie, but Cilla the Siamese was just the better competitor.

Will Cilla be able to dominate one more opponent? Who will take the Cat vs. Dog showdown?

Bracket of Cuteness Cat vs Dog Showdown

You will be the one to decide. Venture over to our Bracket of Cuteness page on Facebook and VOTE! Remember to share with your friends on Facebook as well, so these utterly adorable rescue pets will get even more votes.

And if you think these guys are cute in a photo, just think about just how adorable they would be in person. If that thought leads you to pets adoption, (and it should because you’ll have a new best friend to love you) remember we have thousands of rescue pets from across the country, available right now on recycler.com. So Adopt a Dog or Rescue a Kitten today!



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