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Staying in Touch While on the Road

by recycler on July 15, 2013

Whether its for business of pleasure, a ton of traveling takes place during the summer, but that doesn’t mean you have to be disconnected from your friends and family that you aren’t traveling with.

(If you are on a vacation, don’t stay in touch with work…it’s a vacation, not working from a different location.)

While you are on the road, it is important for you to stay in touch. Not only do you want to be able to let people know when you eat the most delectable fried chicken, pancake on a stick or snap a pic of a baby bear cub, but it is also important for people to have an idea of where you are for your own safety.

Plus, if you are on the road for work, you don’t want to miss your son or daughter’s first steps or the new trick your spouse has recently taught the dog. So here’s some ways you can stay in touch while you are on the road this summer:

Staying in Touch While on the RoadTelephones – Let’s start with the classic. When you are traveling, the most reliable form of contacting home has been the telephone for more than 100 years. You can use a phone at your hotel, a restaurant or even use a payphone. Remember to have all your most vital numbers written down and with you. Keep a card that has emergency contacts in your wallet or purse, just in case something ever happens to you while you are traveling.

Cell Phones – Yes a cell phone is a telephone and you can do all the calling you want with it, but we have it separated because you can communicate so many different ways through your cellphone. Have an iPhone? Use FaceTime so your little one can still see your smile while you are gone. While babies don’t understand how a phone works and may not have full recognition of your voice, one of the first things babies begin to recognize is faces.

Staying in Touch While on the RoadThere are several other apps out there that will help you be able to show your smile and keep everyone back home appeased. Use Instagram to show off that 40 oz. steak you devoured while in Texas or Postagram to turn that picture into an actual postcard. Use Luper to help remind you to call home before it gets too late when you are in a different time zone.

Internet Services - There are a number of other apps that are compatible versions of computer or online programs that will help you stay in touch. For example, you can use Skype or Google Voice on either your mobile device or online.

On your laptop or a hotel desktop (with a webcam), you can Skype to stay in touch visually or you can do a Google Hangout and bring in multiple people so that you can tell multiple fans about your travels all at once.

Blogging – If you are traveling abroad or going on a lengthy trip, consider starting a free blog so that people back home can keep up with your adventures without you having to talk to everyone of them. All you need is a little time to write and an internet connection. You can add photos, video or whatever you want.

Staying in Touch While on the RoadYouTube – Don’t spend the time necessary to run/write/edit an entire blog. Just shoot video on your phone or with your web cam and upload it to YouTube. Let your friends and family know about your YouTube account and tell them to subscribe so that they get updates every time you post a new video. You could also shoot video with a FlipCam or use one of the newer model handheld camcorder or SLR cameras, put it on your computer and then upload it to YouTube or Vimeo.

Going Old School – Want to brighten someone’s day or on a trip where you don’t anyone to know exactly where you are…send some old school snail mail, even if it’s just a postcard. People love getting something unexpected in the mail and they won’t know exactly where you are going due to the likely 2-3 day delay it will take for them to receive the mail.



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