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Regifting with Recycler

by recycler on December 14, 2013

Regifting with Recycler

Don’t clutter the jewelry box when you can regift on recycler!

There’s a pretty good chance during the holiday season you are going to get a couple of pretty lame gifts. You will probably give a few gifts that you know you definitely wouldn’t keep, but you’re hoping the other person (and their different tastes) like it.

Hey, no one knows what to get your weird Uncle Ted and weird Uncle Ted doesn’t know what to get anyone. We get it.

But instead of being stuck with a waffle on a stick maker that you’ll never use, why not turn that gift that doesn’t fit for you into a gift that someone else will enjoy…plus a little extra pocket money couldn’t hurt, right?

Rather than hiding away the wooden African bracelets someone brought you back as a gift from their safari trip and then breaking it out next year for someone else’s gift, why not post the add on recycler.com where someone else may see the item as a must have?

This holiday season, don’t go through the awkward and not very subtle receipt request from your gift giver. Place your regift on recycler.com and make a couple of bucks without the other person being any the wiser. (If the object is supposed to be a display piece at your home and he/she  comes over and asks what you’ve done with it, just say it got knocked over and broke.)

With thousands of visitors coming to our site every month, your sheen jumpsuit, soccer vuvuzela or homemade sweater with one too many cats on it, is bound to spark interest from one of our hundreds of thousands of active users. Suddenly, you’ve turned your worst gift of the holiday season into the one thing everyone can always accept: cold hard cash.

The holiday may quickly dwindle away, but that doesn’t mean it can’t get jollier with the addition of some extra dollars in the pocket.



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