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Memorial Day Recipes: Sides & Desserts

by recycler on May 16, 2012

Memorial Day Recipes: Sides & Desserts

Make your dessert Memorial Day themed.

Next weekend the grilling season will officially get under way when the backyard barbecue sets come out for Memorial Day weekend.

If you are already planning out the meal and dreaming of the delicious burgers and barbecue, we definitely understand and are here to help.

Yesterday, we gave you some appetizer and entree recipes for Memorial Day. Today, we help you out with the sides and dessert.


While a menu that consisted entirely of meaty entrees might work for you and would definitely appease us, it won’t necessarily work for everyone at the party. Unless you are farming out all the side dishes for other people to make while you take care of the entrees, you’re going to need to break out the mixer and the Pyrex bake ware to make at least one of these solid Memorial Day side dish recipes:

Mexican Coleslaw – Tired of the traditional, boring coleslaw that is always at a barbecue, but always barely touched at the end of the party? Throw in some jalapenos to spice it up and go with this mayo-free version. Like your coleslaw creamy? Here’s an alternative recipe to try out.

The Best Potato Salad – No really…that’s the name of this recipe. And it definitely lives up to the expectations, especially if you go with the optional pepperoncinis.

Italian-Topped Garlic Bread – In a hurry to get to the barbecue or don’t have much time to make something? Go with this recipe. It takes 10 min to prepare and only 15 min of baking. Feel free to throw your favorite Italian meat (salami…yum!) on the bread instead of or with the Italian sausage.

Down-Home Mac & Cheese – Anyone who doesn’t like this macaroni and cheese doesn’t need to be at your party. It’s nice and simple and everyone enjoys it. I like to add some crumbled bacon, but I would add crumbled bacon to almost anything if I could.


Your main courses don’t have to be theme-related. They just need to taste delicious. But your desserts/drinks should be. Why? Well…why not? There are so many delicious dessert choices. It’s not hard to find some that fit a color scheme or can be decorated to fit the theme. And since people are going to be looking at the dessert for most of the party before they get to enjoy the sweetness, it is partial decoration, so having it theme-related just makes sense. Try out these for your Memorial Day barbecue:

Red, White & Blue Fruit Cups – It doesn’t get much simpler than this. This takes 10 minutes…at the most. Cut up your favorite red and blue berries (also consider grapes) and then add some whipped cream on top for a tasty red, white and blue treat.

Patriotic Berry Trifle – If the fruit cups not enough red, white and blue for you, step it up with this berry trifle. The fresher the berries, the more this will really stand out at your barbecue.

Lemon Berry Slushy – If you are going for the Memorial Day theme, the lemon berry theme is an excellent party drink that can easily be made an alcoholic beverage if you so choose (rum and vodka both work great). Top it with a couple of blueberries and this slush drink will also give you the red, white & blue colors. The only problem with this drink is that everyone is going to want seconds and thirds, so you’ll be hearing the sounds of the blender running a lot.

(If you don’t have one, I recommend a frozen drink maker. They make the drinks come out a lot more consistent rather than you having different sized pieces of ice.)



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