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8 Mandatory Man Cave Must Haves

by recycler on April 26, 2013

8 Mandatory Man Cave Must Haves

A great man cave addition. (Photo: mfhiatt / Foter.com)

Every man deserves his own little space that he can retire to after a long day of work and have a beverage while watching his favorite team play.

That’s what the man cave is. It’s a place where a guy can sit alone and enjoy the game or even better, can have buddies over and everyone can have a great time even as the LA  Lakers get swept out of the NBA Playoffs.

Man caves can be an expensive foray that can be quite expansive rooms that double as the home theater for the whole family or they can be small rooms that are meant as a home away from home within your own home.

While you could spend thousands and thousands of dollars on your man cave (and we encourage you to as long as you’re going to invite us over to watch the big games!), we’ve got a list of the essentials that every man cave MUST HAVE:

1. Television(s) - The focus of the man cave is watching your favorite team and all the big games. A man cave without a quality TV or projection unit is no man cave at all. The bare bones man cave requires a nice flat screen. The ridiculous, out-of-control, can-we-just-live-here-instead man cave will have TV screens seemingly everywhere. There has to be at least four large televisions in the center of the room for viewing multiple games at once. TVs at the bar or dropping down from the ceiling in other areas of the man cave are swell ideas as well.

2. Comfortable Seating - It starts with a nice, comfy couch. Seating for multiple people that you can also use for napping when you are alone watching a NASCAR race or if a baseball game goes 18 innings. Other potential seating: bar stools, Laz-E-Boy recliner, massage chairs, beanbag chairs, gaming rocker seats, skybox seating (elevated seating, often chairs on top of tables behind couches).

3. Door - Most people might overlook this, but having a physical barrier between the man cave and the outside is essential. You don’t need the dog, children or significant other coming in and interrupting in the final 10 seconds of a game. Want to get creative? Go with a hidden bookcase door. It’ll be awesome. Your wife’s friends will hear screams coming from the walls. They’ll think the house is haunted and never want to come back.

4. Refrigerator - No one wants to be thirsty while watching the game. And preparing a cooler for each game will get old fast. Instead, you need a fridge, even if its just a mini fridge (stalk out the local college on move out day and you may end up with a free one). You can store and cool your beverage of choice at the same time. On the high end, we would prefer a full bar area so that we can drown our sorrows quickly when our squad gets eliminated in the playoffs because someone drops an easy catch. A Kegerator, WunderBar or On-Ice Beer Dispenser would all be great additions as well.

5. Entertainment – There isn’t always something on TV. Your friends are still going to want to come hang out in your badass man cave. When you get back home from the bar and your friends want to keep the party going, having entertainment will keep everyone happy.  Billiards, foosball, ping pong, pop-a-shot basketball, putting green, arcade games, pinball or even a shiny pole securely fastened to the floor and ceiling. There are several options. What entertainment you choose will likely be determined by how much space, time and money you have.

6. Restroom - Having a restroom may not seem like a big deal, but it REALLY is. You know what you don’t want to do? Miss any of the game because you have to go through the rest of the house to use the restroom. Then you get caught up in a conversation about how you need to clean out the gutters and end up missing the big touchdown pass. This isn’t the master bathroom. You don’t need to have a whirlpool tub or a waterfall shower head. You don’t need a fancy sink or anything like that. In fact, unless you have a group of female fans you plan on being regulars, I propose just installing a urinal. Every man prefers using a urinal and this will keep someone from potentially stinking up the entire man cave.

7. Gaming – Xbox? Wii? PS3? PS4? It doesn’t matter what your system of choice is. Gaming is pretty much a requirement for a man cave. Use one of the four main screens and get the competition going. You only need like three or four games every year with Madden and some type of first-person shooter as requirements.

8. Decor – The thing that separates a man cave from a family play room is the decor. Sports paraphernalia is a must. Framed jerseys or classic images of iconic moments. If you can afford stadium seats that came out of Old Yankee Stadium or Veterans Memorial Stadium, go for it. Neon signs, funny posters, Fatheads, etc. are all acceptable as well.



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