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15 Green Items To Buy Before St. Patrick’s Day

by recycler on March 14, 2012

15 Green Items To Buy Before St. Patricks Day

Have more green than just a clover this St. Patrick's Day.

The festival celebration of Saint Patrick is this weekend. Every year, people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on March 17.

You may not know that Saint Patrick escaped captivity in Ireland, fleeing to England and is celebrated for spreading Christianity through Ireland for more than 30 years after he returned to Ireland. You may not know that the shamrock is a ubiquitous symbol of St. Patrick’s Day because Saint Patrick used the shamrock as a symbol to explain the Holy Trinity of Christian beliefs.

But everyone knows that St. Patrick’s day is full of shamrocks and the color green. Wear green or fear the potential retribution of being pinched by friends and family (or even strangers…yikes).

In the spirit of the color green, here are 15 green items currently available on recycler.com:

Cosmic Percussion Drums – This is a beautiful emerald green set of hand-crafted percussion drums. You can play them all day Saturday.

15 Green Items To Buy Before St. Patricks Day

They want to be your St. Patty's friend.

Baby Conure Birds- Here’s your chance to have a cute, hand-fed baby bird of your own. Carry it with you all St. Patrick’s Day.

Nike Running Shoes – Wear these on St. Patrick’s Day and you can just point down if anyone approaches looking like they are going to try to pinch you. Plus, you will be prepared if the zombie apocalypse happens to be on Saturday.

Vietnam Issued Military Case – Another great item to have just in case of that zombie apocalypse. This originally held a first aid kit, but you can carry whatever you want in it…maybe your green beer?

Ford Mustang – I feel like the most common green car I see is the Volkswagen Beetle, but I think all non-teenage girls would much rather have a green Ford Mustang. There are a number of other green vehicles available on recycler.com, but this one looks too good to care about the rest.

Throwback Refrigerator – Whether you want to store green beer, Mountain Dew or all vegetables and vegan foods, this vintage refrigerator looks awesome. Get it up and running and it will be the centerpiece at your St. Patrick’s Day party when everyone congregates in the kitchen (as always ends up happening).

Awesome Kids Clothes – I just wish I could find this in my size. This is basically the ultimate St. Patrick’s Day attire for a sharp-dressed boy. Green on green, baby!

Vegetation – Not only would this be a great green (color) item to add around your house, it would also be a green (environmentally) addition. If you are giving a non-alcoholic St. Patrick’s Day gift to someone, this is the way to go. Score double points for having double meaning.

Luggage Set – Here are three sturdy piece of luggage that would make you an airport star, if you happen to travel to Ireland often. Plus, they have that nostalgic late 70s-early 80s feel.

15 Green Items To Buy Before St. Patricks Day

Be the green star of the party.

Cinderella Dress- You might have to go out and find some glass slippers if you decide to wear this dress. There’s no doubt that you will be the princess of any St. Patrick’s Day party wearing this.

Glass Bowl – If you are having people over on St. Patrick’s Day, here’s your serving bowl. Whether you want to throw some hint-of-lime Tostitos or avocado chips in it or use it to make your punch concoction look more green, this bowl is the centerpiece of the food and drink table.

Junior Bicycle – This would be a great gift for any Irish kid. Not only do they get to learn how to ride a bicycle, but they also get to show off the national color.

Motorcycle Helmet – And if that little Irish kid is all grown up now, go ahead and get him/her this helmet to make sure they are protecting that valuable cranium when they are out riding.

Compressor – Need to get some work done around the house this St. Patrick’s Day? It is a Saturday after all, and not all home projects can be put on hold to celebrate a man who died more than 1500 years ago. Use power tools and this compressor to get things done quicker, so you have time to do some celebrating Saturday night.

Green Machine Band – What would a list of green items or a St. Patrick’s Day party be without having the Green Machine Band there? One of the greatest frog bands of all time…hands (or webbed feet) down.



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