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Top 2013 Car Super Bowl Commercials

by recycler on February 4, 2013

The Super Bowl came and went yesterday with a blowout that turned into an exciting game after the lights went out in the New Orleans stadium.

Was it just a coincidence the stadium is named the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and Mercedes’ Super Bowl commercial featured William Dafoe as the devil? Did William Dafoe pull the power cord?

Guess we’ll never know, but what we do know is which car companies produced solid, memorable commercials. At around $3.8 million for a 30-second spot, ads were the most expensive they have ever been, so companies needed to nail their on-screen time.

This year, there were 18 commercials that prominently featured automobiles. Nine different automotive manufacturers provided advertisements with each running at least 60 seconds worth of suggestiveness, trying to allure future sales.

Hyundai, Kia, Lincoln and Toyota each ran multiple spots, but Hyundai was the only company to feature three commercials. Hyundai was also one of only three companies to advertise for a full two minutes. While Hyundai broke up its playful spots, Jeep and Ram (Chrysler) both went with sentimental, full two-minute-long commercials.

After running three ads last year, Chevrolet skipped the Super Bowl party this year. Acura, Honda and Fiat also decided to save their money this year after filling up the tube in 2012.

Ford was once again absent. The American automotive icon has not run a Super Bowl ad since 2008.

Here were the top 10 automotive spots (according to NFL.com’s Super Bowl commercial ratings):

#3 Audi – Sometimes all it takes to make an epic night is a little bravery:

#4 Chrysler Ram – To the farmer in all of us:

#10 Jeep – An Oprah quote and voiceover automatically equals a hit commercial, right?:

#11 Hyundai Sante Fe – The Sante Fe will allow you to pick up your squad, especially when they are wrestling bears:

#15 Volkswagen Beetle – VWs will make you happy even if you’re from the Land of 10,000 Lakes:

#16 Kia Sorento – So that’s where babies come from!:

#20 Fast & Furious 6 – Sure it’s not a true car commercial, but it’s all about cars so we’re counting it. Plus, Letty is back from beyond the grave:

#23 Mercedes-Benz CLA – William Dafoe as the devil. Kate Upton as an angel. Dancing with Usher…and the car is beautiful. This should have ranked higher:

There were two automotive commercials that NFL.com, for whatever reason, didn’t include on their list or rankings. We think both were better than the remaining ones that were ranked, so we’re including them on our list:

Toyota RAV4 – If your daughter is going to be a princess, a Joan of Arc type is infinitely cooler. Just don’t wish to remove a spare tire or infinite witches:

Hyundai Sante Fe – Have some fun in a family car or have a lot of fun in the Sante Fe:

BONUS: Mercedes-Benz CLA – This was a teaser video that came out last week leading up to the Super Bowl. Since it has Kate Upton in it, I’m not sure why Mercedes decided to deprive us of seeing her more by not buying another time slot:

Which was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?



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