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Cool Car of the Day: 1969 Plymouth Satellite

by recycler on December 7, 2013

Cool Car of the Day: 1969 Plymouth Satellite

“This has got to be one of the coolest cars we have had the opportunity to sell! A total blast to drive!”

That comes straight from the dealer’s description for this 1969 Plymouth Sport Satellite that has a 440 Big Block and an automatic transmission with a B&M Shifter.

This ride will really take you back to the late 60s, late 70s muscle car heydays. Chrysler manufactured the 1969 Plymouth Satellite, which was part of the automaker’s Belvedere line. The Satellite was the Belvedere’s top-of-the-line trim model.

The 1969 Satellite represented the peak of the second generation of Satellite models with its sculpted styling and numerous performance engine options. In 1966, Plymouth designer Elwood Engel implemented a new design strategy. He designed the Belvedere with long, straight, knife-like lines stretching from front to rear and sculpted body panels, which also made the Satellite appear as wide as possible.

This is a very clean car with a solid body and engine and drive train. With the right wheels and paint combination, it is super good-looking and a definite head turner to say the least.

And don’t forget that it is Super Fast!

Check out one of the original commercials from 1969.

This 1969 Pontiac Satellite looks amazing and is just waiting for you to take it home.




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