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Cool Car of the Day: 1955 Buick Century

by recycler on May 21, 2013

In 1955, Buick advertised its cars as having the million dollar ride and the Buick Century was thrifty man’s power cruiser with the million dollar ride. In fact, the original 1955 Buick brochure hyped that “the 1955 CENTURY Series offers more horsepower per dollar than any other car in America.”

Buick wanted a performance vehicle and the Century was that combination of a smaller, lighter model with the company’s largest, strongest engine.

This 1955 Buick Century is a perfect example of the original intention of the vehicle. It comes with a V8 and is ready to scoot down the road. This hardtop, two-door version is in great condition and ready for you to push it to the “century mark.”

Buick’s slogan in 1955: “When better vehicles are built, Buick will build them.”

Take a ride along in a 1955 Buick Century:

According to the listing, this 1955 Buick Century has 50,000 miles. It is listed at $15,750, do you think it’s a good deal or is it past its time?

Cool Car of the Day: 1955 Buick Century



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