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Car Buyers are Getting Tax Refunds. Take Advantage.

by recycler on February 17, 2013

Car Buyers are Getting Tax Refunds. Take Advantage.

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It’s tax season once again. While that generally makes us all grown as we have to compile all the proper documents, make sure everything is in order and most of us have to set an appointment with an accountant or tax preparer who will put everything together and file your taxes for you.

This becomes even more stressful if you own a business or even if you’ve just sold some big ticket item like a car during the previous year.  All of sudden there are more files, more paperwork, more of everything and a little mistake or two can lead to the Internal Revenue Service looking into everything you do.

BUT tax season isn’t all bad. Most people get a tax return and that can sometimes be a large sum. Seeing this as “free” money, when people get their tax return check, they often use them for big purchases they’ve been wanting to make. Tax season becomes buying season.

Last year in the National Retail Federation’s Tax Return Survey, 12.3% of people getting refunds planned to make a major purchase with the extra dough.

If you are selling cars, you have to know this and take advantage of it. This is one of the prime times during the year that people will have disposable income. This could easily go toward a down payment on a new ride for the rest of the year.

People are looking to spend their money and they could be looking to spend it on a car with you. Make sure that your business is attractive to them. Spruce up the showroom, web site or wherever else you plan to make sales. Also, consider having a tax season special or sale.

Just make sure you aren’t missing out on potential car buyers during the season of spending.



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